Wood Serving Tray

Serving Tray Serving Plate Chopping Board Carving Board Olive Wood Wood 60cm

Serving Tray Serving Plate Chopping Board Carving Board Olive Wood Wood 60cm
Serving Tray Serving Plate Chopping Board Carving Board Olive Wood Wood 60cm

Serving Tray Serving Plate Chopping Board Carving Board Olive Wood Wood 60cm
Serving Tray Serving Plate Chopping Board Carving Board Olive Wood Wood 60cm. The description of this item has been automatically translated.

Kitchen cutting or chopping board from a solid piece of olive wood. The shape corresponds to the first image, the wood tone is in the current series a bit brighter.

The second image is only an example of the shade! Height: about 2,5 cm.

The wood comes from a solid piece Italian olive wood. This special and rare size requires that this wood has a wider and more blurred (coarser) grain, since it has grown faster (more moisture), to become so large. It has therefore a somewhat "simpler" look as we usually know from olive wood products. Differences in the grain, color and smaller cracks is at this popular but rare format. Olive trees are freed for the timber trade after they bear no fruit. So an example in food production and a perfect synergy between man and nature. Each product is oiled hand made and finally traditional and highest quality methods. So, a wonderful piece nature and zest for life for every morning and every snack. The joy of the product and the nature of the wood to stay länstmöglich you, slightly rinse the cutting board after use, only with lukewarm water and detergent, and dry it then immediately! For the best possible care, please lubricate the cutting board with olive or cooking oil regularly and wipe it dry. In addition to maintaining the beautiful grain comes very well! Decoration is not the scope of services. Larger quantities and special prices for resellers on request! Sign up for my newsletter. By recording my shop to your list of favorite sellers and shops. Create Widget or customize colors. Standard Business Terms and customer information/ Specimen-revocation form / data protection declaration (june 2015).

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  • Material: Wood
  • Main Colour: brown
  • Type: Chopping Board
  • UPC: Does not apply
  • Brand: Unbranded

Serving Tray Serving Plate Chopping Board Carving Board Olive Wood Wood 60cm